Championships are one of the important educational elements of the academic system, it is a mandatory and final part of each course. To obtain an international certificate and diploma from MINIBOSS & BIGBOSS business schools, the following elements are necessary:


Completion of the full academic program of courses;


Participation in a startup forum;


Participation in the national championship;


Participation in the World Cup and the international camp.


1. The team must have at least 3 participants;

2. Teams may consist of students of different ages / courses;

3. To qualify for the World Championship, participants must be valid students from the accredited MINIBOSS and BIGBOSS Business Schools;

4. All teams of national championships have the right to take part in the STARTUP WORLD CUP CHAMPIONSHIP;

5. The best teams will be selected to participate in the World Cup final;

6. Each team should have a teacher-curator who will provide training in an academic program and lead the team up to the final;

7. Each team must have a mentor (member of the Council of Businessmen MINIBOSS & BIGBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL), which will provide business consulting up to the final;

8. Victory or any other special awards are collective awards.

9. Each member of the winning team receives a MEDAL and a personal certificate confirming its level of achievement in the team victory.

10. Each member of the winning team receives an additional certificate “PRIDE OF THE SCHOOL” on behalf of MINIBOSS & BIGBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOLS for submission to general schools / gymnasiums / lyceums, where the child learns for additional encouragement on a formal lineup.

11. Each member of the winning team receives a petition for the Mayor / Governor / President on the issuance of GOVERNMENT GRADES AND AWARDS as a person who has worthily represented the country at the Startup World Championship;

12. Each participant in the World Championship receives an International Certificate of participation in the World Championship with entry of achievements into a personal matter. 


1. An entrepreneur, a top manager of a company, a representative of a sponsor company, a representative of state authorities or municipal government may become a member of the World Championship jury;

2. Each national delegation may submit to the jury not less than 3 and not more than 10 entrepreneurs;

3. Registration fee for participation in the panel of judges of the World Championship (200 €) is mandatory for each jury member;

4. Each member of the jury may express his social responsibility, allocate more than 200 €, directing it to the prize monetary fund to support a new generation of entrepreneurs;

5. PRIZE MONETARY FUND of the World Championship is open - all names and sums entered by the jury members will be published on the website of the World Championship organizers, as well as on the websites of the main educational partners - the International Educational Network MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL and the International Educational Network BIGBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL;

6. The amount paid by the jury members for participating in the judging of the World Championship is sent to the PRIZE MONETARY FUND of the World Championship and distributed to the winning teams in the proportion according to the winning places;

7. Prior to the selection and final round, all members of the jury will be briefed on clarifying the evaluation criteria for each nomination;

8. Each member of the jury signs an oath on the objectivity of international refereeing;

9. Each jury member receives a diploma.


1. World Championship Language is English;

2. Each team will prepare and submit a 3-minute presentation of the startup to the jury members;

3. Any slides with presentations (and / or other presentation materials) must be provided to the organizers 3 days before the start of the competition through the teachers-curators. Each team must do technical check up a day before presentation;

4. Teams must present at the World Championship evidence of a successful project:
A. goods in realia,
B. description of the implemented startup in the form of a presentation,
C. description of the implemented startup in the form of the Annual Report (no more than 4 pages of the printed version, A4 format);
D. any other evidence.

5. After the presentation, there will be a 3-minute period during which judges can ask questions;

6. Each nomination has its own criteria for evaluation.

7. After the performance of all the teams, the judges' points will be calculated to determine the finalists.

8. World Championship winners receive various types of awards. 


Before the start of the World Cup, young leaders undergo a serious training system, which includes: